Bishop Donald J. Pelletier, M.S.

Continuing the legacy

In 1982, Bishop Donald J. Pelletier M.S. was walking home along a darkened path on a moonless night. He stumbled over a young boy half-hidden in the pathway. Letiana was his name, and he was terribly crippled. Incapable of standing or walking, and shamed by his unsightly condition, Letiana’s only time outside his house came when he inched across the sand on nocturnal trips to the beach. The encounter sparked a revolution.

Through Bishop Donald and his co-missionaries, Letiana was sent for care and rehabilitation. From a moonless stumble, a revolution bloomed that created The Beautiful Gate Handicap Center, a testament to the power of compassion and a boy who dared to walk.

Family and friends of Bishop Donald and Fr. Jack Nuelle, M.S., one of the co-missionaries, have made it their mission to continue the work worldwide where La Salette has a presence.

Launch Events

Thank you to all who attended our launch events in both St. Louis, MO and Attleboro, MA. We appreciate your continued support.

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Urgent Need


Provide scholarships to help children from poor families attend school. Also support the construction and renovation of schools.

Urgent Need


Provide medical care to the poor and marginalized. Also, support the construction, maintenance, and renovation of hospitals and clinics.

Urgent Need

Water and Sanitation

Provide access to clean water and sanitation for the poor and marginalized. Also support the construction of wells and latrines.

Urgent Need

Food security

Provide food assistance to the poor and marginalized. Also support the development of sustainable agricultural projects.

Urgent Need

Spiritual growth

Provide for means of spiritual and material growth helping people to realize their worth as human beings.

Our mission

Our Lady of La Salette Charitable Legacy responds to the urgent needs of God’s marginalized people where La Salette’s global mission efforts are actively engaged.

We believe that collective efforts can bring about meaningful change.

Our goal is simple

Provide perpetual funding so that the life’s work of Bishop Donald J. Pelletier M.S., Fr. Jack Nuelle M.S. and many other men and women continues. Projects like access to fresh water, funding for schools and books, assistance for handicap care, and support for the elderly.

“Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

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